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Our terms and conditions

Fab Driving School Booking online, Please note payment must be made 48 hours prior to your lesson OR TEST.

1.FAB Driving School is an independent online platform that facilitates the connection between Australian learner drivers and qualified professional driving Instructors. our partner, joint-ventures or principal contractor for Australian driving Instructors. Reasonable care and diligence has been taken to ensure Instructors of the highest quality available.

2. FAB Driving School is not liable, for any traffic infringements incurred by a client, whilst engaged in a driving lesson. In such an event, the client is solely liable to make good any amounts payable as a result of the infringement.

3. The client permits and indemnifies FAB Driving School of any action resulting from the use of photographs of the individual, digital images or related information for promotional purposes only.

4. The client is liable for a 100% cancellation fee, if they fail to provide notice to the appointed instructor 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. If a client books and does not cancel before the scheduled lesson time, the amount paid for the lesson will be forfeited entirely. The effect of this clause is however at the discretion of the appointed Instructor. Cancellation fees must be paid within 7 days of the cancellation date. failure to pay within that period legal action may be taken.
5. If you arrive late for a Lesson the Instructor shall only be able to offer you the remaining Lesson time if they have a commitment to another Lesson immediately after, and you will be charged for the full Lesson Cost for the Lesson. If you are more than 10 minutes late for a Lesson without notifying us we reserve the right (at the Instructors reasonable discretion) to cancel the Lesson and charge the full Lesson Cost.

6. FAB Driving School is not liable under any circumstance for any damage, negligence whatsoever caused, or loss resulting from any accident or collision, vehicle malfunction, absence of appropriate insurances and/or including any other event that results in damage or loss to the client or Instructor.

7. All Pre purchases made to FAB Driving School are subject to a 3 month expiry period from the date of purchase. If a purchase has not been redeemed before its expiry, the total amount will be lost.
All fees must be paid 7 days from there first driving lesson, or additional late payment fees will incur, failure to pay your account within 7 days will be sent to a debt collection agent and additional cost 30% of the outstanding balance will apply, and legal action maybe take to recover cost.

8. You acknowledge that you have read and understand these terms and conditions and by proceed.

9. It is a requirement that all students undertaking driving lessons, declare that you don´t given false or misleading information, and that your licence is not suspended or cancelled, and that you will notify your instructor or company office if it becomes suspended or cancelled. You also agree to notify your instructor, if you have previously taken a practical road test.

10. When booking a driving test, all test fees must be paid prior to booking, Unless other arrangement have been agreed with your driving instructor.
11. In the event of sever weather or traffic congestion we will arrange extra time at a later date, this is due to our time scheduled. in some cases we can arrange extend time on your next lesson. Each lesson will be assessed accordingly. We work on 15 minute intervals, if the delay exceeds more than 30 mins we will arrange a full lesson at a later date.

12. Cooling off period for failed Class C and CA practical driving tests. (The cooling off period will only apply to customers who fail a class C/CA practical driving test on or after 1 January 2015) First fail – Customers are not able to re-sit the practical driving test on the same calendar day. Second fail – Customers must wait at least seven days, they may re-sit their test on the 8th day after the second fail test date. Third and subsequent fail – Customers must wait at least 28 days, they may re-sit the test on the 29th day after the third or each subsequent failed test date. 

Further information may be found by following this link: https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/licensing/getting/tests/index.html SATURDAY TESTING. Saturday road tests are for driving schools only. You may still use your own vehicle, however a driving school must attend for your test. Test fees for Saturday testing vary depending on test center location.

WE REQUIRE 8 WORKING DAYS TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE YOUR TEST, FAILING TO PROVIDE NOTICE WILL RESULT IN NO REFUNDED OF BOOKING AND TEST FEES AS ACCEPT WHEN YOU SIGN ON YOUR FIRST LESSON. PRE TEST INFORMATION, Please make sure your present at your test center 20 minutes before your test, Please be advised that your driving documentation (logbook, online hazard perception testis completed and approved 7 days prior to your test) has been lodged, assessed and passed prior to undertaking your practical driving test. Failure to do so may result in forfeit of any fees.


Fab DS will make reasonable effort to inform customers of there test, It is in your interest to confirm with your individual instructor on your test prior to your test. FAB Driving School are not liable under any circumstance if customers cant meet there practical road test after booking, it is the responsibility of individual to confirm there test 8 day prior to testing. 

Customers are given 24 hours cooling off period to accept the terms of this service from there first lesson. A copy can be given on the first date of there lesson if required. If we cant give notification of T&C we will arrange a copy to be sent and will use our discretion of acceptance of our T&C. 

For all overseas license holders please be aware you have all relevant documents to support your application for an Australia driving license, Passport, Residential address with your name, Bank card or Medicare card. Failure to produce may result in no refund. 


The dept traffic & main road (TMR) require 8 working days notice to cancel a Saturday road test, failure to give notice will result in no refund of booking fee and test fees to your Instructor, as agreed when you sign on your first lesson. 48 hours notice is required to cancel Monday – Friday Road Test. Fab reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate a lesson in the event of severe weather at short notice. In the event of severe weather we will find an alternative safe location, and wait out the remaining time of the lesson until safe. Charge of the full lesson cost will apply.(At the Instructors reasonable discretion). Fab DS is not responsible if customers can´t view our website due to technical issues, A COPY of our T&C can be posted or text to accept, we will allow extra time if this occur.