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The resources learner drivers in Queensland need

Learner licence

What are the requirements and process for getting your learner licence? Get all the info you need from the official site.

Getting your P1 Provisional Licence

Passing your driving test gives you independence and freedom. But many learner drivers take their test too early, leading to a failed test, disappointment, extra costs and delays to getting on the road.

Applying for an open licence

You must be at least 20 years old to be eligible for an open driver licence. You can apply by visiting a: • Transport and motoring customer service centre • Participating Queensland Government Agent Program (QGAP) office • Licence-issuing police station (in rural or remote areas of Queensland). To upgrade your provisional licence to an open licence, you must: • Have held your provisional licence for the required period • Provide evidence of your identity • Declare that you are medically fit to drive the class of vehicle. • Pay the licence fee (if your current licence is expiring or expired). You will still need to complete a driver licence application form (F3000) at police stations and most QGAP offices. Download the F3000 form here

Licensing info on the Queensland Government site

The official Queensland Government site has all the information you need from just starting out to being a qualified driver.